Living on the edge.

We like it on the edge.  We like the products and the people who hang out here. For over 30 years we have promoted, positioned and empowered iconic brands that are synonymous with experience on the edge.  Ski-doo snowmobiles, Kawasaki motorcycles, Coleman outdoor gear, Igloo camping savvy.  We appreciate challenge.  Our team has dog sled racers, hunters, karate experts and above all, marketing expertise.  We hear the clients’ story with a clarity that is not overrun by sounds of the street. You learn to listen out here. It informs our capabilities of brand development, creative design, content creation and public relations.

Enthusiasts – it takes one to know one.

You have an unwavering belief in your product. A committed energy. A clear and specific vision. We can help shape that mission. For us it begins with long term strategic perspective planning. Seeing the forest for the trees, never forgetting there’s new growth down the road. And while strategy is what drives us, we relish the close up, hand-to-hand tactics required to win. Every client has a true story to tell. A competitive advantage to own. We provide a boost to brands at the outset, healthy growth at middle age , or “refresh” and bottom-up reconstruction at the right time. When it comes to clients, talent and the consumer base, enthusiasts make the difference.

Bob Falls, CEO

From journalism and television production to VP of Marketing for a multi-national corporation to his own agency, Bob brings the bias of the client’s point of view to the business.  The man with his name on the door is a force in driving traffic and brand positioning for our clients.


Sharon Lund, President

Sharon’s years of agency experience have involved her in virtually every phase of the marketing and branding process – from launch of new products to reinvigorating existing brands.  Her strength lies in linking audience needs to creative solutions.  A founding partner of the Falls Agency, Sharon has developed advertising initiatives for consumer products, high tech, outdoor and leisure and B2B.