General Transmissions

Website Redesign

First, we named General Transmission’s incredible new CVT technology: Element V. We then redesigned the GT website to impress B2B visitors with the durable simplicity of GT lawn care transmissions, and the elegant drive system solutions GT brings to the entire sector.

Element V Video

The benefits of Element V technology and tough, lightweight composite materials comes to life in a simple, interesting video that engages technical and non-technical viewers alike.

Trade Advertising

Lawn care dealers need to know that GT’s dramatically lighter, more resilient transmission housing is just as strong as competitors’ heavier, costlier metal cases.


Bringing new technology to multiple sectors, including snow, Element V product communications conveyed use-specific messages with a consistent brand standard.

Trade Show Banners

At its trade show introduction, General Transmissions identified each product in the Element V line by its category – as the product line was evolving – simply and colorfully.


Trade Show Graphics

Clear, colorful graphics within the GT trade show booth pulled traffic into the booth to learn more about their new Element V product line.

Identity Creation

Different Element V products require a simple, descriptive identity system that segments each product’s use, yet unifies the line. We named, defined, and designed the perfect system.