Kawasaki Engines

Critical Component

The agency initiated qualitative research, learned what potential mower buyers look for, and created a brand position that badged a Kawasaki engine as the single most important part of a quality mower. The Critical Component became the central, highly effective theme of ads, outdoor, POS, trade materials and dealer communications.

Trade Advertising

To underscore Kawasaki’s toughness and power, we created a series of provocative ads aimed straight at the heart of lawn care professionals. Striking photography, strong graphics, and bold headlines carried into collateral and trade show materials, cemented Kawasaki’s reputation for do-anything capability.

Critical Power Introduction

In an industry-leading move, Kawasaki Engines had the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) actually certify Kawasaki horsepower ratings, bringing clarity to a confusing system of power claims. Trade ads, a special microsite, video, strong website presence, and dealer direct mail turned initial OEM and dealer skepticism into understanding, admiration, and stronger engine sales.

Critical Power Video

An animated video explains Kawasaki Engine’s new SAE-certified approach to horsepower ratings in a likeable, non-confrontational, non-technical way, helping once-reluctant dealers and end users embrace the idea.

Customer Manufacturer/Kawasaki Engine Television Campaign

One of the top professional-grade mower brands and Kawasaki Engines teamed up to display their strengths on cable. Media included the Outdoor Channel, reaching out to pros and “pro-sumers” alike.

Oil Promotion Point of Sale

To thank lawn care pros for their loyalty and to generate visits to their dealers, Kawasaki Engines offered a No Charge Oil and Filter Promotion. Our POS, online ads, trade ads, and direct mail helped make this value campaign a big hit.

Digital Video Streaming Campaign

Organizing rich video content into a user-directed format gave Kawasaki Engines customers and partners an accelerated way to learn more about Kawasaki’s new horsepower rating approach. The campaign included display, search and pre-roll strategies, making for a powerful ROI.

Tex and Sellers Digital

Real-life conversations between a Kawasaki technical employee and a sales guy delved into the reasons behind product features and benefits, and what they mean to the user. The series included several topics of interest to end users.


The Kawasaki Engine catalog clearly positioned the brand, strongly connected to end users, and provided useful product details. Dramatic product photos make this piece a hard-hitting tool in dealer showrooms.