Kawasaki Rail

Brand Relaunch Collateral

Kawasaki Rail needed communication materials to convince their transit authority and political audiences of their technology superiority. We developed a capabilities brochure and kits for details on specific projects, giving Kawasaki Rail a consistent look and new theme.

Trade Advertising

In a magazine populated with rail cars, we helped translate Kawasaki Rail’s new positioning into a message that stood out in a competitive environment, and clearly demonstrate Kawasaki’s commitment to advanced technology.

Trade Show Banner

We helped Kawasaki Rail translate its superiority in high-speed transit into a set of images that reflected its futuristic perspective. These graphics signaled Kawasaki’s place in the high-speed sector.

Brand Poster

Kawasaki Rail boasts the longest mean time between maintenance issues. We created iconic images to demonstrate why.

Event Banners

Iconic retro rail posterization created a consistent look for disparate rail projects in the New York/New Jersey market, supporting the brand while highlighting each car at anniversary and trade events.