KeyLime Cove

Brand Creation: A Slide way

64% of Chicago moms love waterparks for quick family getaways, and Wisconsin Dells parks are a favorite destination. We convinced them that KeyLime Cove is closer, more adult-oriented, and just as fun for kids. We positioned and created all communications, including as identity systems, advertising, and direct response.


Our “adult-forward” logo captures the sense of laid back island lifestyle, and conveys the idea that the overall experience is a world away from other waterpark clichés.


Our kid-focused logo captures the sense of exuberance inherent in the brand, right down to the characters – and there are plenty of them – who lead in the fun.

Direct Response

A waterpark cannot succeed unless the rooms are full. We created sold out openings and carried high-attendance momentum through the entire season.

Guest Transport/Vehicle Wrap

To benefit its “shopping-rich” environment, we turned KeyLime Cove transportation vans into rolling billboards with wrap designs that gained attention “on all sides”.


With innovative media choices and appealing messaging, we helped KeyLime Cove successfully usurp the consumer’s longstanding ties with the Wisconsin Dells waterpark complex.


One of the key elements of KeyLime Cove is its proximity to the Chicago market. Outdoor helps drive Windy City traffic and bookings.